Where I talk about my April appearances, a video review, two books in the latest Previews catalogue, my first audio drama, more previews of Asteroid Adrift and more Boo Bear & Flo.
Where I chat about award nominations, a quiet month for new releases, ThunderBoom's proper cover and listings begin, what's coming, what's not, and more…
Where I chat about 2022, 2023 appearances, new releases, more previews and free comics.
Where I chat about the end of 2022, holiday gift ideas, this month's latest releases from me, more preview art, and free comics, continuing the…
Where I chat about my remaining show appearances of 2022, my new books released in October, my new book to preorder, more project previews, free comics…
Where I chat about con appearances, new releases with my name in them, loads of upcoming project preview pages, more DJ news, and free comics.
Where I chat about another convention appearance, page counts, page flips, more page previews, and more free comics.
Where I chat about another comic show, more musings, spotlight on my Aces Weekly work, more free comics and...promising news!
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